Take Your Business Online

In this modern day, when almost everything can be found online, having a website is essential and probably the most beneficial investment for your business. Considering the growth rates in the last 5 years, internet users worldwide increased rapidly and even more exciting to know that it is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years. Extensive government or privately owned infrastructures are continuously being built so internet can be readily available for everybody anytime, anywhere at a speed of light.

It is never too late to have your own website built and show to the world what you have to offer, but before diving in to the vast world of internet, here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

• Is your business ready to be seen by the world?
• Are you convinced and committed to take your business to the next level?
• Are your services and products competitive enough to go online?

If you answered yes to all these, then you are probably on your way to push your business to the next level. Here are some tips that may help you reach online success.

1. Planning. The first and foremost thing that should be done in business planning is research. Know your business well, know your target market, and know what they are searching for on the internet. Having a niche research is critical in starting up your website. Your website development provider might be able to help you along the way.

2. Study. As a thriving online marketer, you must also learn some e-commerce terminologies and technologies such as domain name registrations, web hosting, online payment and many more.

3. Develop. Get a credible website development company that can support your ideas and needs. Search for websites you like and let them know your mission and vision for the company or business you are taking online. Do not overload or kill it. You must ask your developer to have a fast-loading and user-friendly site. Not only users will like it but Search Engines such as Google and Bing as well.

4. Promote. Having a website and making it live doesn’t just end there. It would be a waste if you built the most beautiful website in the world but no one could see it. You must continuously build an effort to make sure your website is served to your target market. Constantly updating your site by having fresh and relevant content should keep your market more engaged. Using Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to share your newly posted articles, photos or videos on the site is a great tool to make your reach wider.

5. Support. Be realistic; ensure that you can handle demand once it floods your inbox and receive queries over the phone. Answer to your customer’s needs and make them happy. Remember, the customer is the lifeblood of your business.

Putting your business online and promoting it regularly may dramatically increase your sales, be ready for other big plans and promotions, it’s a great way to encourage and engage your customers. Now the question is, when are you going to take your business online?

10 LinkedIn Tips for Your Company

LinkedIn Profiles were commonly considered as an online profile of a person or a digital business card, but it can reap a lot of potentials if taken a step further. Indeed going beyond the basic capabilities of LinkedIn to build a more powerful social contact and to maintain a professional online presence would translate as tremendous business opportunities.

Best ten tips for a business:

1. Profile Completeness:

The heart and soul of any business brand is its profile. Profile names are powerful enough to get a business rank high in search engines. When people visit the page to learn on the product or service, about the company and its work, then it is important to feature a solid profile to create that first best impression with 100% details.

2. Connecting with all:

It is important for business profiles to expand their options and opportunities through interaction with almost everybody enrolled in LinkedIn. LinkedIn act as a live networking event that helps a business introduce itself to others and helps create new contacts and expand the business network, which in turn helps create new business opportunities in the long run.

3. Create a compelling online presence:

Create LinkedIn profiles and pages that are interesting, attractive and compelling for visitors to keep visiting it again and again. It is also a good idea to get moving pictures and video recommendations incorporated in the profile as this helps people learn who you are, what you do and how best you could help them.

4. Products and services page:

All business LinkedIn pages should ensure that they have a specific services and products page to offer more details and context and link directly with each products and services pages on the website and on its landing pages.

5. Careers:

Even large brands could be a flaw if they don’t have a careers tab. For, this helps in promoting positions until they get filled.

6. Recommending others:

This tip is based on the old concept that the more one gives, the more they receive. Recommend others without they asking is an excellent way to improve one’s social proof on the social network. This indirectly helps in improving traffic for a website.

7. Using apt keywords and phrases in the heading and title:

Title is important to be easily findable in a LinkedIn search but the heading is an opportunity to extent the business to excellent heights as it helps elaborating one’s skills, ideal customers and their area of expertise.

8. Getting LinkedIn profiles come Alive:

Whatever one does in LinkedIn Profiles, it is important to get them live, this is accomplished by adding videos to the profiles, slide shares, presentations etc., with the help of specific applications. Videos should be launched and linked with the profile in such a way that it could be accessed from anywhere in the profile.

9. Making best use of saved changes:

LinkedIn allows its profile users to save close to ten job searches and at least three people searches. After performing a primitive search, click on the save search option to run them easily again later. Users could choose to gain weekly or monthly reminders through email newsletters.

10. Consider SEO:

It is important for all business pages to be SEO friendly and to treat them well with the right content. It is important for brand descriptions to be tailored heavily, concise and impactful so that Google previews and ranks them.


LinkedIn has indeed rolled out a number of applications to help people promote their businesses better. Irrespective of what industry a person lies in, there is an application for everyone to get their business message across in a better way. These tips help improve the overall experience of LinkedIn.

Lead Generation Ideas Businesses Might Want To Consider

It is indeed tough to fill the top of your sales funnels with leads. This becomes harder if you are just relying on traditional methods. Experts emphasized though that there are tried-and-tested techniques for reaching your leads quota with methods that can add value to your prospect’s day.

Modern Lead Generation Methods

Gather success secrets from experts and share them – If you want to provide unique value in your content, consider reaching out a though leader within your industry. Try uncovering his or her secrets as this proves that you are committed to providing the best advice to your potential customers.

Create Help videos – These kind of videos can actually help in solving real problems for possible customers in a format which is both entertaining and more understandable. There are actually experts who shared a series of videos on how business owners like you can start shooting your own videos. In fact, they have compiled these videos in a very useful learning center.

Offer the best practices for a challenging technique – If you are exploring a new marketing strategy, you would certainly want to know what others are doing so they can be successful with such same method. If you compile those best practices in a list, you will be able to help marketers searching for tips on how to get started in a certain arena.

Show what is working for your business – Potential leads will certainly be interested in a transparent post pulling back the curtain on something that you have seen success with. So start writing such kind of content. Companies undertaking such stage of growth will definitely gain lots of inspiration from posts like this. They may also avoid making similar mistakes.

Provide a worksheet simplifying a complicated process – There are certain business tasks that can be simplified using a worksheet. A software company may utilize a worksheet to create a marketing strategy. You can definitely create an optimistic relationship with your prospects by just providing a simple worksheet that they can fill out, and trading it for an opt-in.

Have a list of significant tools – It is very easy for you to brag about the different tools you are offering. However, taking the initiative and exploring other useful tools your prospects can use will prove that you are prioritizing their success over promoting your products and services. This, in turn, can attract the kind of audience searching for solutions like yours. And this will certainly drive leads.

Make Money Online With an Online Job – Tips for Starters

If you’re one of those who wish to start making money online, make sure not to miss these following tips:

Affiliate Marketing

The majority of starters, in affiliate marketing, are drawn to being an affiliate marketer for the reason that it provides exceptional monetary rewards. It’s the process of selling some products of others in exchange of commissions. However, this type of online job can be a bit challenging for the first timers as you have to learn a lot. You’ll also have to build your own site, master Google algorithms, and you should know how to use various marketing tools.


If you like writing and you can write anything under the sun, you can make money online through providing ghostwriting services to online entrepreneurs who do not have the time or skills to write their blog posts, articles, and web content. Depending on your rate and time you’ll spend in writing, you can earn as much as $2,000 each month from this endeavor.

Online Design

You can actually help people by designing their website landing pages or just about anything digitally that they may need but can’t do it themselves. If you are a designer you can set yourself up as a designer through online sites by taking orders from individuals who need some graphical design to a project they have. This is for a base price. Usually a minimum of 3-5 dollars. These customers will come back if you do a great job for them.

Sell Your Products

If you can make downloadable products including audio products, eBooks, special newsletters, and so on, you may go ahead and build an online business. It may be harder than it sounds, but if you have the skills, you can guarantee that you will earn money from this online job.


There are a lot of freelance online jobs posted online and the key is searching good programs that will teach you how to make most of your skills to make cash online. There are numerous people posting tasks for web designers, writers, and some skills.

Paid Surveys

These are nice for the reason that they don’t require much thinking. What you need to do is to look for a reputable company that provides paid surveys. You won’t get rich from taking this job online, but it can be an additional income.

Top Business Ideas To Begin With Minimal Investment

For beginners who are looking to make a big impact in the industry, they should keep their mind open towards multiple business ideas. You may never know which of the business ideas may catch your attention. Otherwise you might lose many of the business opportunities without even knowing the potential it might offer you. In this article you will be able to take a close look on some of the creative and unique business ideas that will help you pave the way for a successful small business.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are having only a low budget to start a business on your own, then affiliate marketing is the best choice. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to begin earning money online. All you have to do is to link a buyer as well as a seller. If a sale happens, then a commission would be paid to you for the sale that has been referred by you. Some of its key benefits include cost effectiveness as well as free in becoming an affiliate, the seller and not the affiliate would be responsible in the storage as well as shipping, and the customer complaints would be handled by the seller. Finally the affiliate would be able to run the business right from the comfort of their home itself.


If you are someone who likes sharing knowledge with others, then blogging is one area where you should look for. But you should have good writing skills too. Blogging helps you to transform your business idea in to life. Once your talent is identified and you think that you will benefit from blogging, then it is just a matter of time that you start your own blogging website with the minimum investment you have. You should focus on a specific niche and should work towards becoming an expert in that particular niche. While choosing the niche, you should ensure that you can display your skills, talent and passion while blogging. Include a signup list to attract more website visitors towards your blogging website.

Email Marketing

Most of the large and medium businesses would not be able to focus on their main business if they spend much of the time on email marketing. Therefore they often outsource the email marketing services to other smaller companies. If you are able to create a better content to attract more customers through email or if you have the ability to create good templates, then email marketing can be a good business opportunity for you. This is one small business idea which needs only less investment. You can do email marketing from home itself provided a good internet connection should be made available. At the same time, you should be having bulk email marketing software with multi-user license since you will have to create lists for various clients.


Almost every industry and niche now is open to freelancing jobs. If you want to become a small business owner who has complete control over the decisions you make and also improved flexibility, then freelancing might be a good business opportunity which demands little or no investment at all. However while beginning a freelancing profession, you should ensure that you have more number of clients with you. You should also charge them at a very less rate in the beginning so as to gain their trust and references as well as testimonials which might be of future help in enhancing your freelance business. Once you have enough references and testimonials, you create a website where you can display your expertise to the website visitors and from then onwards you can charge your clients more.

Market Research

Most of the experts suggest those willing to invest in any business or venture to carry out good market research which can be either primary research or secondary research. Most of the businesses especially smaller businesses are not aware of the potential offered by market research. The industry is witnessing a shortage of market research professionals who are able to help small business owners with research of their industry and the competition along with the ways in which the business challenges could be resolved by the business intelligence solutions provided by market research professionals. The market research professionals would do research in understanding the size of the target market of clients and the type of customers who are more likely to encourage their business.

6 Tips in Being an Online Worker

Being an online worker is not an easy task, just like any other professions all around the planet. It may take a lot of time to learn every little detail about such, but as long as an individual is determined enough, he/she can be able to surpass the challenges that await him/her in the long run. Yes, it may be considered as a part-time job and the like, but the experience itself cannot be considered as is. Here are some tips on how to begin your Virtual Assistant journey. I do hope this would help a lot to those who are interested in becoming one:

Tip #1: Be open-minded to whatever you will encounter.

This tip enables aspiring employees to be optimistic to what they will be learning during the training and on how they are going to apply it in their professional career in the long run. If you will be close-minded with this rare opportunity, then this blessing will not really work on you.

Tip #2: Never be ashamed of your status.

This tip will help boost the self-confidence of young individuals in beginning this kind of business. You should not be ashamed of your status, such as being a single parent, an old man/woman, a student, an unemployed individual, a person with disabilities, a person with illiteracy, an out-of-school youth, and the like. Just think of the fact that you are getting yourself trained for a better you, and that you will be an inspiration to all others who are always there to come around and judge you for who you are. Stand out and inspire others for being a successful individual despite your discrepancies.

Tip #3: Stay focused in every discussion.

This tip will encourage individuals to pay attention to what is being taught to them every day of the training program. By being focused in every discussion, it will help you enable to understand the discussion much easier than playing safe. Remember, you cannot serve two masters all at once.

Tip #4: Befriend your co-trainees.

This will actually enhance your social skills, in a way that you will be co-workers in the field of online internet marketing. It helps them, and it helps you as well. Based on experience, I do not just adopt and get equipped the courses offered by this training academy I am currently in, but I also get a chance to help others with their difficulties in nurturing the lessons being taught by the instructor. You might have differences, but your determination to become a successful employee in time will unite you to be together.

Tip #5: Never be ashamed to ask questions.

The more you ask questions, the more you enlighten yourself to get things done step-by-step. Asking questions won’t mean you don’t know anything. In fact, you are helping yourself and your classmate and/or instructor as well, just because of asking questions. The thing that should encourage yourself to ask questions is the openness within yourself to discover more than what is learned in the four corners of a classroom.

Tip #6: Help those people in need of your assistance.

If you’ll help people with what you are capable of, you will be rewarded with something you never expected in return. Based on experience, I check on my classmates on how they do particular tasks assigned by our instructor, so on and so forth. With that, I gain more friends by just helping them with their problems in particular tasks.

So, those are just 6 out of a lot of other tips on how to begin an Online Worker business. I do hope that I inspired other people to change their self-outlooks into something that will change their lives in the long run.

Some Online Business Success Tips

Financial freedom, ability to work at any time of the day, ability to work from anywhere, there are so many advantages of running a successful online business. But to become successful with any internet business, you have to skip through a lot of challenges on the way. Let me share with you some of the well-known tips to become successful with your online business.

Give Out Genuine Products

It could be a download-able item such as eBook, photography, podcast, etc. You need to ensure that all the products on your website are genuine and original. Your customers will definitely come back for more when they discover your products are of great value. You can also add a free incentive to some products on your website, this will go a long way in convincing your customers to buy that particular product. For example you sell eBook A for $50 and eBook B for $10, you can add a promo of “buy eBook A and get eBook B for free” and make it a limited offer.

Broadcast Your Products

Take every little opportunity to talk about your products, you can do this on Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social platforms. You can also create an advertising campaign for your products but you have to do this with caution so as to avoid excessive spending. Ask other people to review your products and make your customers testify about their experience with your products. You can create a testimonial page where your customers can be able to read about other peoples experience with your products.

An old business adage says “Build it well and watch them come for it” but nowadays things are done quite differently, You have to “Build it well, enlighten people about it, then watch them come for it.” No matter how “Perfect” your product may be, you still have to broadcast it and encourage people to give it a try.

Motivate Your Customers To Drop Their Emails

You can give out a free product on your website and tell your customers to drop their email address and get it sent to their inbox. This is one of the best and most effective strategies to build a database of customers for your online business website. A popular internet marketer once referred to his database of customers as his ATM machine, he goes there whenever he needs money! A large database of customers simply means more sales and more returning customers because you will be “Broadcasting” your products to them on a regular basis.

Do It Once Again

When running your online business, you will learn a lot of lessons that only experience can teach. You will make a lot of “Right” and “Wrong” decisions along the way. The most important thing is for you to take note of the effective strategies and forget about those that yielded no result. You have to keep repeating all those effective steps and efforts so you can continue getting the same positive results. When running an online business you must never be satisfied at the current level you are right now, you still have a lot to do to keep your business growing.

Stop looking for “Instant Results” there is no proven method to “get rich quick” on the internet. Your internet business requires time and effort from you for it to attain a level of Success, so keep working harder and very soon you will become a successful online business entrepreneur. Don’t be desperate to meet Mr Success, stay focused and committed to whatever you are doing and he will come knocking on your door.

The Basics of Initiating an Online Business With Zero Investment

People who know how to start an online business have been changing their destiny by making a huge amount of money. Online businesses are in huge demand these days. Many big and small companies prefer outsourcing their work by hiring virtual assistants and online marketers rather than employing a full-time worker. Moreover online presence has become an essential part of any business with the ever-increasing number of online shoppers across the world. Like any other business, you need to put in your efforts to become a successful online entrepreneur; however, starting an online business is not a Herculean task if you know the basics. In this article we will put emphasis on top online business opportunities that will help you to start an online business with ease.

1. Make a Strategy to Set Up Your Business: Online entrepreneurs can explore multiple options to earn money through an online business. Nevertheless, it is advisable to opt for the easiest options to start with. Once you make up your mind to sell any product or service, the next step is to follow a business plan to adhere to. Strategic planning keeps you organized and make your online business thrive. Your key objective should be to make your product or service as outstanding as possible to achieve a competitive advantage in your niche.

2. Set up a Neat Website: Launch a website for the product or service you want to sell. Along with the design and layout, make sure you use flawless content on your website. Content acts as the soul of any website and speaks of your professionalism in volumes. So make sure that you add fresh, relevant and informative content on your website to enhance online traffic. At the same time, if blogging is your passion, try integrating your blog with your website to keep your target audiences engaged. This is a great way to connect with your target audiences.

3. Start offering virtual Assistance Service: Virtual assistants are quite in demand for the valuable services they provide to different organizations from any corner of the world. You too can become a home-based virtual assistant by offering technical, creative or secretarial assistance to your clients from your home office. However, you should be proficient enough in your business niche to provide immaculate service to your clients, and to strengthen your customer base.

4. Become a Software Developer: This is yet another lucrative option for prospective online entrepreneurs. However, starting a software development business is not a cakewalk for beginners. It is very difficult to win projects with zero reputation since you are starting from scratch. In order to start a software development business online, the first step is to set up a convincing online portfolio to attract clients. Thus, many software developers utilize the initial period in building reputation by offering free services to start-ups or any organization looking for software development services. Consequently, the testimonials received by beginner online entrepreneurs play a key role in enhancing reputation besides drawing new customers.

5. Try Affiliate Marketing: You can become an online entrepreneur by trying your hand at affiliate marketing which has emerged as a colossal online industry over the years. Affiliate marketers redirect online traffic to different e-commerce sites through their website or via online advertisements. Affiliate marketers earn money by getting a commission on every sale generated as a result of driving traffic to specific e-commerce sites. As a beginner, you should ideally do affiliate marketing for sites you are familiar with. Affiliate marketing is one of the top online business opportunities that produce sure shot results.

5 Legit Ways to Make Money on the Internet

There are numerous stories out there about how one can easily make it big by working online. While some of the ideas out there are practical, there are others that have been greatly blown out of proportion. In addition to that, it takes time to build an online reputation and even more to find a niche that is the right fit for you. You will need to carry out plenty of research before landing upon an area you want to focus on. Only when you get your research right can you make money on the internet.

Here is a look at 5 dependable and legitimate ways to earn online

1. Online writing

Over the years, a number of content writing sites have emerged, with people and organizations looking for prolific writers in different niches to create relevant content for blogs, websites and ezines. The rates will vary depending on the site as well as the profile of individual writers, but generally, one makes more as they move up the rung. Said sites include iWriter, Upwork, Crowdsource and a lot more. Before venturing out, seek to learn what online writing entails and acquaint yourself with the conventions involved.

2. Affiliate marketing

If you have always wanted to be a salesperson, then the internet provides a great platform to put your skills into practice. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products for online merchants such as Amazon and eBay. You basically join a network of accomplished marketers who have the tools to advertise products after which they earn commissions upon conversion. The first few months involve learning the ropes after which a steady flow of income is expected.

3. Taking surveys

Companies out there at times want to evaluate the performance of their products and will pay anyone willing to take part in objective surveys. Generally, a survey will take about 30 minutes to fill and earns the person filling them anything between $1 and $5. Always be sure to perform due diligence and never fall for scams such as the ones that request that you pay a small fee to take part in surveys.

4. Tutoring students

Some people make money on the internet by reaching out to students both at the high school and college levels and providing assistance with homework. There are websites dedicated to this type of thing and they offer remuneration depending on the educational background and proficiency of the tutor involved. The subject being taught will also play a big part in determining what the tutor gets, but as a general convention, science-based subjects pay a lot more than gigs in general areas such as languages or humanities.

5. Blogging

There are millions of blogs out there fighting for the attention of consumers and all sell different products or ideas. The key to running a blog lies in finding something you love doing and cultivating a following. As your crowd grows, you get to sell ads and links while building a stellar reputation as a source of authority in your field.

3 Most Common Mistakes When Starting an Online Business

The triumph of gaining your financial freedom and independence is mind-blowing. Having an online business can be spectacular. You determine your own working hours and your own place of business. What’s not to like about it?

Let me tell you what. Online business can also be frightening, scary and painful at the same time. The ticket to success is not free of charge.

Have you ever wondered how some people succeed with their online business?

So have I. When I started my own online business, I made all 3 mistakes that I’m describing below. Let me explain all about them, so you can avoid them from the start.

I started my online endeavors with no big plan in mind. All I knew was that I want to start an online business and that was it.

I listened about all the amazing stories about people making a fortune online and I said to myself: “What the heck, I will try that too!” I don’t consider myself to be a dumb person. Besides, how hard could it be anyway?

So I started with building my own webpage. I was familiar with SEO from my job and I read all the Google SEO recommendations for 2016. I knew that the content is the king. So I started producing content. Nothing out of the ordinary, basically just stuff I learned, while I was still working for others. During my regular employment I gained a lot of experience in the field of digital project, project management, animation, publishing and so on.

I published a piece of good quality content every now and then. Producing quality content went quite well, because I had a lot to share. But soon I realized I’m not getting any readers. I made a Facebook page. I posted links there. I built subscription forms and so on and so on. But not much happened. I wasn’t getting any readers. No one was subscribing to my newsletter.

Then I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I had no plan. So the first mistake I made was:

1. Not having a plan

You don’t need to have a formal business plan or anything fancy like that at all, but you do need a plan. A plan for:

    • Content creation and publishing – Once a week, twice a week, every day. Anything, as long as you have a plan that you know you’ll be able to follow. Decide what you can deliver and then stick to it. Be consistent. Readers love the routine. If you deliver astonishingly great content every Wednesday, people will expect it. So you better deliver, or they will leave.


    • Sharing content – Start small and use a social media platform that is familiar to you. Mine was Facebook. I wasn’t there much before, but at least I knew something about it. It would be best though, if you concentrate social media starting efforts on platform where your audience is. Speaking of:


    • Target audience – Deciding about content will give you an idea about what your ideal audience is or vice versa. Once you determine that, you can research about where they most commonly hang out in the digital world. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, dedicated forums? Whatever you find out, you need to go there as well. Think about demographics, their interests, their needs and what they can afford.


  • What products to sell – This is very much related to demographics of your target audience. You cannot sell a $10.000 product to someone who can only afford to buy a $100 product at most. You cannot just put a product on your web page and hope for the best. Again you need a plan.

Further down the line, you will definitely need to adjust your overall plan. But have your initial plan in front of your eyes the whole time. Eyes on the target.

Setting your long term goals is just as important as setting the short term ones. Keep them somewhere in front of you at all times, as your constant reminder of what your direction is.

If you find yourself working on something else, look at the written goal in front of you and ask yourself: “Is this activity getting me closer to my goal?” If your answer is no, stop doing it right away and direct your focus to your goal achieving activities.

Another piece of advice. You might want to keep a list of things to do, a schedule of sorts if you will, to keep you on track for the times when you get distracted. And let me tell you from my experience, it happens so fast and covertly as well. You don’t even realize it when an hour went by, while distractions had been occupying your attention.

2. Focusing on little stuff

When I started, I was spreading myself too thin on all the tasks that needed to be done. I’m a designer and animator by profession. The thing is, I haven’t been working in the field for almost a decade. But I tasked myself with making my own logo, designing and setting up my own custom web page.

Don’t do that. Once you start a business, treat it like a business. You’re an entrepreneur so do entrepreneurial stuff and leave the design stuff to designers. I realized I would have never taken off my business if I would have been doing all the work myself. In the end I decided to use WordPress. I picked a theme I liked and worked with that. It doesn’t really matter how the web page looks like at the beginning anyhow, as long as the content is readable and call to action buttons are visible enough to get users to click on them. Hopefully.

I was very much against using WordPress for numerous reasons, top one being lack of control of the coding and SEO. But concentrating on it at the beginning of the business makes no sense at all. I will not be able to compete with organic traffic for a while anyway. So what’s the point?

Just take a look at Google. Do you still remember their minimalistic homepage? Even now, it hasn’t changed all that much from that. But when you look behind the first visual impression, it offers an awesome service. This is something you should concentrate on as well, service, not how to make things look pretty. Unless, of course, you’re a designer and you’re selling your design services online.

Get someone else to do the following stuff for you once you reach that point in your business, but you mostly don’t need it from the start anyway:

  • design a logo, business cars, stationary (if you use it), pretty web page,
  • more social media channels coverage, once you outgrow the basic ones,
  • accounting,
  • email services,
  • and so on and on.

3. Underestimating things

Since I can remember, I had issues with setting the correct timeframe for task completion. My tendency to underestimate was enormous. I thought it would’ve taken an hour to complete a task, but it took 3. I thought I could’ve finished all the tasks I planned for the day, but I had been left with more than half of them unchecked.

I underestimated a whole lot more.

I had a vague idea of how online marketing works. I had a slightly better idea about how social media marketing works. Well, I was wrong. I only thought I did.

Nothing worked as I had thought it would. Since the last time I did any of those social activities, a lot had changed. Facebook logic is completely different now. Of course, they want to make money. Google Ads became quite expensive. Organic traffic from Google is impossible to achieve, well, at least for certain keywords. And let me not go into my expectations about timeframe I had in mind for getting results. It’s embarrassing.

Let me tell you one thing I learned, though: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And neither will your success. There are tactics you can use to get to your success faster, but even with those, there’s a lot of work involved.

Here are some tips for you:

    • Don’t think that making money online is easy – You might find some get rich quick schemes out there, you might even earn some money with them, even overnight. But after that scheme is gone, you’ll be looking for a new one. As for the long term goal of making money online, I’m talking about sustainable income for years, is hard work. And after that, it’s a lot of hard work.


    • Success will come, just not overnight – If you’re diligent every single day. You produce quality content and get it out there for your perfect audience to see, they are bound to find it. Sooner or later. But don’t expect success overnight. It might have happened to some people, but it’s more likely we just don’t know the whole story of that particular online millionaire. Consistently take action. Every day. Persistence is the key.


    • Do not multitask, focus instead – Concentrate on one thing at a time. Implement it. Finish it. Whatever you need to do to successfully get it out of your way, and only then move on to the next one. Believing in a myth, that you will achieve more in less time with multitasking, is just plain crap. Maybe multitasking works, but just maybe, if one task is something you do on a complete autopilot and you don’t need any brain power for it, and the other task is something you need your brain for. Like listening to a podcast while riding a bike.


  • Don’t put too much on your plate – Get what you can eat, finish it and then go get seconds. Or you might even need to digest it first. Don’t take too many things on at the same time. Again, you will spread yourself too thin and you will not accomplish anything with it. Don’t jump between jobs and don’t test multiple income streams at the same time. Pick one or two, get it to work and use it if it works. If it doesn’t work, abandon it and try a new one.

Think big. Grow your ideas. Set your goals. But work on one at the time. You’re in for the long haul. It doesn’t matter all that much that you might need to suffer through first few months or a year. Not if you have your why in front of you.